Christ in the Smokies

cits1One of the perennial attraction sin Gatlinburg, for years, was Christus Gardens.  Several years ago, Christus Gardens closed and it was thought that the location where it had been for years, was going to become a set of condominiums.  Well, that deal fell through and the management team of Christus Gardens opened a new attraction:  Christ in the Smokies Museum and Gardens.

Much like Christus Gardens, Christ in the Smokies depicts various scenes from the bible and life of Jesus in life-sized dioramas, with painstaking detail.  From the architecture to the clothing that is one by the models in the dioramas, the artists at Christ in the Smokies have made sure to be as historical as possible in an attempt to let people get a better feel for the heroes of their faith.  You get to walk scene to scene and experience the various parts of the bible like never before.

cits3One of the most moving and emotional exhibits is the depiction of the Last Supper.  The Christ in the Smokies staff has duplicated the Leonard da Vinci fresco in every detail.  From the items on the table to the colors on the clothes of the Disciples and Jesus, they have copied the entire scene.  You get t a better sense for the meeting of these friends for the meal they were sharing and for the emotion of the scene.  As you take in the scene you feel like you are there, like you are actually taking part in the least meal that Christ took with the disciples before he was arrested.

Another highlight of the tour is the gardens.  In the center of the garden is the face of Jesus carved into a marble block.  This marble sculpture has been carved to give the impression that the face of Jesus follows you wherever you stand in the garden.  It is a trick of the eye and a true testament to the artists that designed it.  This amazing piece of art has been in the same spot in this garden for decades. It has become a tradition for people of all ages to bring their families back for this unique experience.

cits2Christ in the Smokies Museum & Gardens is one of the most wonderful museums of its type in the southeast.  There are always new exhibits going into the museum and you will find something new every time you walk through the doors.  Add Christ in the Smokies to your itinerary next time you are in the Smokies, you might just find that you are blessed by the experience.

Christ in the Smokies Museum & Gardens
510 River Road
Gatlinburg, TN

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