Secret City Festival

scf1Each year, Oak Ridge, TN puts on a festival to celebrate the people, culture and history of the city that was a secret until after the second World War. This festival, which used to be known as Mayfest, brings community organizations, crafters, entertainment and all of the people of Oak Ridge together in a mass celebration that takes place downtown.  This is one of the highlights of the Oak Ridge events calendar each year and it brings thousands of people to AK Bissell Park each year.

In 1982, Oak Ridge started a festival in the late spring called the Azalea Festival.  This festival wa sa one day craft show that evolved over time into a two day event called Mayfest.  In 2003, Mayfest got a name change and a face lift.  Mayfest became The Secret City Festival.  The celebration moved to the first Friday and Saturday in June and become a much bigger celebration of Oak Ridge’s people and history.

scf3In 2012, the Secret City Festival presented the following events:

  • The Cuban Missile Crisis: When the Cold War Got Hot – Exhibit
  • General Leslie R Groves and the Manhattan Project – Exhibit
  • Tour f the ORNL Graphite Reactor
  • Tour of K-25 Site
  • Art & Craft Show
  • Juried Art Show
  • Craft Demonstrations
  • WWII Living History
  • Oak Ridge 70 Years of History
  • Children’s Games
  • Toddler’s Games
  • Youth Games
  • Historic Rugby Play
  • DOE Facilities Public Bus Tour
  • Secret City Scenic Excursion Train
  • Tennis Tournament
  • Concerts

scf2Each year, one of the highlights of the festival is the WWII Reenactment.  With your family gathered around, you get to watch reencators, in fall military gear display the tactics and part of what an actual battle might have looked like during World War II.  From infantry troops to armored personnel carries and light tanks, the display the put on brings this time in history to life.  For the history or military buff in your life, this is a once in a life time event.

If you happen to be on the Tennessee side of the Smokies the first weekend of June, plan to visit Oak Ridge.  Stop by and enjoy the craft show, the concerts, the people and of course an amazing WWII reenactment.  Let the kids enjoy the sunshine, browse the booths, find a nice shady tree and watch the crowds roll by and of course, find a place to sit and watch the battle begin.  Learn more about the people and the places around Oak Ridge at the Secret City Festival.

Secret City Festival
P O Box 1
Oak Ridge, TN 37830

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