Camping is as tied to the Smokies as the black bear.  People have been camping in the Smokies since the time of the pioneers.  And though the camping of today only remotely resembles the camping of yesteryear, it is alive and well in the Smokies.

RV Camping

RV CampingUndoubted, this is the most popular way to camp in the Smoky mountains.   Whether you are coming to the mountains in a simple pop-up or if you are driving a full size RV with all the amenities of home, there is a campground to fit your needs in the Smokies.  Both sides of the mountains boast their share of campgrounds and those campgrounds can be as close to the action or as removed from the heat of the action as you desire.  There are  also campgrounds that have all the amenities of a hotel if that is what you are needing.  Drive into the area, park your lodging and get out and enjoy the area, being able to come back to your home on wheels at the end of the day.

Tent Camping

Tent CampingOr maybe you want to rough it.  Some of the campgrounds around the Smokies will allow you to tent camp but all of the state parks and national forests in the area have tent camping available for their visitors.

Camping in the National Park

You can also camp in your tent or your RV in the National Park.  You will want to make reservations far in advance as they tend to book up very quickly. This is potentially the best way to experience the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.  You get to stay, under the stars in the most visited park in America.  You get to wake up in the morning surrounded by pristine almost untouched wilderness.  The campgrounds int he National Park are perfect and are a national treasure unto themselves.

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