Bristol Caverns

bcaverns1It is no wonder that with the beauty of the mountains and the great outdoors around the Smoky Mountains that there is beauty under the earth as well.  In Northeast Tennessee, Bristol Caverns has been giving visitors the chance to see that kind of hidden beauty for decades and has become a huge draw for the twin cities of Bristol, TN and Bristol, VA.

The waters of an underground river and other natural forces conspired to form the beauty of Bristol Caverns.  Over time the water and the forces of nature carved the rock causing beautiful formations and features to be developed deep underground.  At this point, the Underground River is 180 feet below the surface and it is continuing to have effects on the formations as it flows through the cavern.  Ancient people and the early pioneers and settlers to the area found the underground chamber, they found these formations and gazed in wonder as they used the naturally cooled chambers and shelter of the caverns.  In modern times, the cavern is now a protected area and tourist attraction.

Some of the formations and features you will see include:

  • Mayor Preston’s Chamber
  • The Underground River
  • Lover’s Leap
  • Bridal Veil
  • Entrance Hall

bcaverns2Guided tours leave from the gift shop area every 20 minutes.  You get walked through the caverns by a trained tour guide, someone that knows the caverns like the back of their hand.  They will make sure that you don’t miss a thing while you are in the caverns.  Bring your camera, listen to the tales of how people have used the caverns over the years, how the rock formation were formed and of course marvel at the beauty of this underground wonderland.

The Bristol Caverns are easy to find.  Get on 349E past the Bristol Motor Speedway.  Stay on 349E for about 6 miles past the speedway.  You will come to the traffic light, travel through the traffic light where the road becomes 435N which is Bristol Caverns Highway.  You will find the caverns on the left about 2.5 miles past the traffic light.  Enjoy your vist!

Bristol Caverns
1157 Bristol Caverns Highway
Bristol, TN 37620

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