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Sevier County is the live theater capital of the Smokies.  At one point in the height of the industry there were 17 live shows in the county and though those numbers are smaller than they used to be the the shows just keep getting better year after year.  Dinner shows, variety shows, comedy shows – a show for every taste and a taste for every show.

Live theater has been alive and well in the Smokies since the 1970s.  Since that time there have been live theater shows of some shape, form or fashion.  The variety show of course is the most prolific but dinner shows have become the way to go if you are in the mood for a great entertainment experience.  The Smokies have had dinner shows for years in the form of Dixie Stampede – the most popular and the oldest dinner show in the Smokies.

  • Dixie Stampede - The Most Fun Place to Eat in the Smokies! If there is one show that has made itself a stop for visitors to the area each and every year it is Dixie Stampede.  Dixie Stampede became the second big attraction from the owners of Dollywood and Dolly Parton herself.  The show is very simply a … Continue reading "Dixie Stampede"
  • Sweet Fanny Adams Theatre - Quicksilver Nonsense! Are you looking for the oldest live show on the Tennessee side of the Smokies?  Look no further than Sweet Fanny Adams Theatre (SFAT)!  Since 1977, they have been producing and staging brand new works of musical comedy, year after year after year.  They are located in one of the most intimate venues … Continue reading "Sweet Fanny Adams Theatre"
  • Hatfield & McCoy’s Dinner Feud - Everyone loves a dinner show.  You get to see world class entertainment and you get to eat a great meal at the same time.  One of the most successful dinner show locations in the Smokies is the Hatfield & McCoy’s Dinner Feud.  Taking its story from the mountain families of the Hatfields and McCoys, there … Continue reading "Hatfield & McCoy’s Dinner Feud"
  • Lumberjack Feud Dinner Show - Lumberjack Feud is  now Dolly Parton’s Smoky Mountain Adventures. Information is maintained below for historical purposes. One of the newest entertainment venues in Pigeon Forge, TN is the Lumberjack Feud.  The Lumberjack Feud is one of the first non-musical shows in Pigeon Forge and it’s a dinner show to boot.  Their state of the art theater is … Continue reading "Lumberjack Feud Dinner Show"
  • Tennessee Theatre - On October 1, 1928, a landmark was opened on Gay Street in Knoxville, TN – The Tennessee Theatre.  The first movie they ever played at this grand old theater was The Fleet’s In with Clara Bow.  From that time until today, this theater has been a cornerstone ofthe culture and history of Knoxville and East … Continue reading "Tennessee Theatre"
  • Smoky Mountains Center for the Performing Arts - Places everybody! You’re likely to hear just that, or something similar, if you find yourself in the middle of Franklin, NC.  Coming from one of the side streets just off the main drag that is. The Smoky Mountain Center for the Performing Arts (SMCPA) is a hidden gem in a small, tucked away town in … Continue reading "Smoky Mountains Center for the Performing Arts"
  • Country Tonite Theater - 16 Spectacular Seasons in Pigeon Forge For years, during the height of the live theater shows in Pigeon Forge, the variety show was the staple form of entertainment.  Now, you can still see variety show excellence at Country Tonite, right on the Parkway in Pigeon Forge.  Located at traffic light 1 in Pigeon Forge, Country … Continue reading "Country Tonite Theater"
  • Horn in the West - “Horn in the West,” created by Kermit Hunter, is the nation’s oldest Revolutionary War drama. It tells the story of Daniel Boone and the first people to settle the hills of East Tennessee and Western North Carolina. Since 1952, Horn in the West has told a story of struggle set against the backdrop of the … Continue reading "Horn in the West"

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