Capitol Theatre

Downtown Maryville, TN was once the thriving center of the community.  Over time, like almost all downtown areas in small towns, the  area that used to be jumping with activity fell out of favor as commerce in general moved toward other areas of the city.  One thing in downtown Maryville remained the same however, the beauty the quaintness and of course, the Capitol Theatre.

The Capitol Theatre was built in 1934.  It took over the location that had been the home of JC Penny before this point.  The Capitol was the largest of three possible locations to see movies in downtown Maryville.  Seating 1000 people, the Captiol was a jumping place up until the time it closed in the 1970s, as the downtown area felt the effects of commercial businesses moving.  From the 30s through the 70s, people flocked to this theater.  Showing both motion pictures and live performances, the Capitol Theatre was THE place to go for decades.  Closing in the 1970s, the building went through a lot of tenants over the years, in more recent years, the Capitol has seen a bit of renovation and is returning to its former glory.

Now, the Capitol Theatre is a special events venue.  From wedding receptions to corporate engagements, the Capitol can now be rented out to cover all of your party and event needs.  The Capitol Theatre offers lots of amenities that you will not find at other places:

  • stage
  • retractable silver screen
  • dance floor
  • catering kitchen
  • flexible seating
In addition the staff at the theater can help you plan you revent and fins an additional need syou might have while you are getting your gala or reception ready.  The Capitol Theatre has now become the place to have your event.  The Capitol Theatre is also helping to revitalize the downtown area of Maryville.  Surrounded by unique shopping experiences and restaurants, the Capitol has changed with the times but it has also kept that same feel that it had back when it was founded.
Capitol Theatre
127 West Broadway Ave
Maryville, TN

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