Dandridge, TN

“Tennessee’s Second Oldest City”

Dandridge is the second oldest city in the state of Tennessee.  And though the Smokies do cast a shadow on this town, the Lake brings the sun out during the summer and brings in people from all over the area to fish, boat, ski and take advantage of one of the best man-made lakes in the area.

Dandridge, as a town was incorporated in 1793.  It is the county seat of Jefferson County and was named after Martha Dandridge Washington.  In 1942 when Douglas Dam flooded most of the farmland to the southeast of present day Dandridge, the town was almost lost due to the flooding – as it sits below the flood level of the dam.  The TVA built a saddle dam to protect the town at the urging of then First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt.  The town fathers of Dandridge petitioned her stating they were the only town named after the first, First Lady.

Over time, Dandridge has welcomed the business brought in by tourist to the Smokies that want to get out of the mountains and play in the water.  Dandridge has a huge history including 5 of the oldest pubs in East Tennessee.  The downtown area is a walk through a small town from the turn of the 20th century and before.  Exploring Dandridge, TN makes you feel like you have gone to Mayberry for the day.


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