Cataloochee Divide Trail

The 6.4 mile Cataloochee Divide Trail is excellent hiking trail for seeing some of the majestic views and vistas offered in Great Smoky Mountains.

To get there, travel Interstate 40 to North Carolina 276, exit 20, and drive west to Cove Creek Road. From there, you’ll turn north and travel 3 miles to the Cove Creek Gap where you find the trailhead.

Climb through the white pine grove as you begin on the trail, pass a rock outcropping, and walk along the fence line. You’re well on your way on the Cataloochee Divide Trail. It levels out at 1.2 miles in. You’ll notice a green cove to the right – the perfect spot for a bear sighting. If you look through the trees further down the trail on the right, you might even get a glimpse of the Cataloochee Valley.

Hikers will come to another clearing on the left. From there, hikers will be able to make out Interstate 40 and Cove Creek Valley. When you reach 1.9 miles on the trail more climbing begins through oaks and maples and hickories before heading downward again and leveling off

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