Mast General Store – Knoxville

In 2006, a Smoky Mountain tradition joined the newly renovated downtown area of Knoxville, TN – the Mast General Store.  The Mast General Store is what it was to people back in the turn of the century a store, carrying general merchandise and those things from our homespun past that bring back tons of great memories.  This addition to the downtown scene in Knoxville has brought visitors to the area that may not have stopped by before and the ability to walk into a great store, carrying amazing merchandise is a perfect in downtown Knoxville.

The Mast General Store in Knoxville is located on Gay Street.  This is one of the main roads that run through the middle of downtown.  Gay Street passes right next to Market Square, in front of the Tennessee Theater past many a Knoxvilian’s favorite restaurants and late night hangouts.  Parking was at one time an issue in this typical downtown area but now, especially at night and on the weekends, parking is free and the walk to and from your car will let you window shop and enjoy the sights and sounds of Knoxville.

mgsk1When you pass through the doors of the Mast General Store you will be overwhelmed y the sheer volume of the merchandise that they have on display.  From clothing to home wares, from candy to dry goods and even those items you need to strike out on the trail, you will find yourself walking the aisles of the Mast General Store for hours.  On the main level you are going to find a great selection of clothing for both men and women, homewares and the best candy selection in East Tennessee.  The candy area is a draw for children both young and old.  There rae bins and barrels and boxes of candy of every shape and size.  They also have a lot of candies that you might not have seen in years.  Some of the classic candy selections include:  BB Bats, Black Licorice Pipes, Kits, Sky Bars, Squirrel Nut Zippers and many more.  Daily, people take their taste buds on a walk down memory lane in the candy section of the Mast General Store.

mgs2Downtown at the Mast General Store in Knoxville is a hikers paradise.  Footwear to the right, backpacks to the back and hiking gear scattered on every surface.  Watches to wallets, shorts to sleeping bags, you will find everything you need to tackle the trails in the GSMNP.  Buy yourself a backpack and load up on all of the essential gear.  Of course, the best thing about the Mast General Store is the fact that the employees use the gear they sale and they will point you in the right direction for the items you need for your day hiking or any other outdoor activity in the Smoky Mountains.

Pay a visit to the Mast General Store in Knoxville, TN.  It is a step back in time, it is a great shopping experience, it is a place to walk down memory lane.  It is in the middle of one of the great downtown revival sin East Tennessee.  Make the Mast General Store a destination on your vacation.

Mast General Store – Knoxville
402 South Gay Street
Knoxville, TN

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