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16 Spectacular Seasons in Pigeon Forge

Country Tonite Theater - Pigeon ForgeFor years, during the height of the live theater shows in Pigeon Forge, the variety show was the staple form of entertainment.  Now, you can still see variety show excellence at Country Tonite, right on the Parkway in Pigeon Forge.  Located at traffic light 1 in Pigeon Forge, Country Tonite is easily found  and in fact a short walk from some of the major hotels.  The show boats world-class entertainers and even brings in some nationally known talent in the Celebrity Concert series.  And then there is Christmas at Country Tonite which is one of the best ways to get you and your family into the Christmas spirit.

The main show at Country Tonite is a country music variety show the likes of which you have never seen before.  Packing the theater with more than a thousand people nightly, and bringing enough entertainment to fill a theater twice its size, Country Tonite puts on the best of today’s country music along with some of the great hits from the past.  Dancing, singing, comedy and much more are packed into each and every show.

Country Tonite Theater - Pigeon ForgeBut what happens when you take the variety show greatness that is Country Tonite and mix in a heaping helping of Christmas… you get one of the best Christmas Shows in the area.  Dripping from every corner of the stage, you will fill like an elf exploded in the theater.  Christmas favorites and plenty of good ole country fun are there for the taking at the Country Tonite Christmas show.  And of course, what Christmas Show in the Smokies would be complete without the big guy – yes, Santa makes an appearance in each and every Christmas Show at the Country Tonite Theater.

Of course, if you want something different, each year the Country Tonite Theater hosts a Celebrity Concert Series.  These celebrity artist were the people that made country music what it is today.  They laid the foundation for modern stars.  Each season, celebrities like:  Mel Tillis, Merl Haggard, George Jones, Ray Stevens and many more cause their fans to make a rush for the seats at the Country Tonite theater.  Packing the people in the seats, these stars from yesteryear prove why they are still superstars.  Get your tickets early because these shows almost always sale out.  Just think, while you are on vacation you have the chance to see some of the greats from country music’s history that made that genre of music popular.

Country Tonite Theater - Pigeon ForgeMake sure that you check out Country Tonite will you are on vacation in the Smokies.  See what a variety show should be like.  Experience all they have to offer, whether you are taking in the regular show, their Christmas show or one of the celebrities they work with to bring world class entertainment to the Tennessee side of the Smokies each and every year.

Country Tonite Theater
129 Showplace Slvd
Pigeon Forge, TN

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