Hatfield & McCoy’s Dinner Feud

Everyone loves a dinner show.  You get to see world class entertainment and you get to eat a great meal at the same time.  One of the most successful dinner show locations in the Smokies is the Hatfield & McCoy’s Dinner Feud.  Taking its story from the mountain families of the Hatfields and McCoys, there is lots of comedy, lots of music, lots of dancing and lots of food.  This is the perfect evening in the Smokies – good family fun in the Smokies with great people and great food.

Most people know the story of the Hatfields and McCoys.   Two mountain families that found themselves embroiled in a feud that lasted generations. The show takes a tongue in cheek look at this feud and add a competition between the families to see who can entertain the people at the show more.  Singing, dancing, clogging and lots of comedy are brought to you by one of the best casts in Pigeon Forge.  This multi-million dollar production brings the fun and the glitz of a live show to thousands of families each season.

It is a dinner show so, of course, we have to talk about the food.  Here is what they bring each and every person that comes to show each night:

  • Hatfield & McCoy Dinner FeudFeudin’ Fried Chicken
  • Open Pit Pulled-to-Pieces Pork Barbeque
  • Southern Style Creamy Soup
  • Smashed Mashed Taters
  • Bust Y’er Jeans Pinto Beans
  • Keep It Comin’ Cornbread
  • No Tellin’ What’s In It Coleslaw
  • Granny’s Famous Specialty Dessert

You will have a table full of food.  You will find that you are full by the time you are halfway through with your chicken.  Arrive hungry and prepared to eat because there is no shortage of food at the Hatfields and McCoys Dinner Feud.

And talk about easy to find.  When you first pull into town at traffic light ‘0,’ you can see the Hatfield and McCoys theater at the top of the next hill.  Look for the Titanic and turn before you get to it and you are at the Hatfields and McCoys Dinner Feud.  Call and make reservations so that you get the best seats possible.  Let the courteous staff help you plan your evening and get you prepared for a great night out in the Smokies.  If you have been coming to the area for a number of years, you will know this location and theater as the old home of the Black Bear Jamboree.  The same folks still own the theater and they are still bringing the funny and the talent to the stage each and every show.  Come feud, come eat, come enjoy!

Hatfield & McCoy Dinner FeudHatfield & McCoy’s Dinner Feud
119 Music Rod
Pigeon Forge, TN

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