NASCAR Speedpark

NASCAR Speedpark brings lots of speed and family entertainment to the Smoky Mountains each season.  The fastest track in town, mini-golf, climbing walls, a huge indoor arcade and of course a NASCAR themed gift shop make this a must for NASCAR fans visiting the Smokies each year.

Here is just part of what you can do at the NASCAR Speedpark in Sevierville, TN:

  • Smoky Mountain Speedway – This is the biggie!  A quarter-mile track with 3/8 scale karts.  This is as close to real racing as you will find in the Smokies.
  • The Competitor – A short oval track with side-by-side racing.
  • The Intimidator – This track is chalenging enough to be named for Dale ‘The Intimadator’ Earnhardt himself.
  • Slidewayz – A 750-foot slick track.  Get ready to drift.
  • Family 500 – An hourglass shaped track designed for people of all ages.
  • Young Champions – Another family friendly track.  Measuring 1,100 feet long, this is a great one to take the kids on.
  • The Qualifier – This is a beginner track.  Great for those younger members of your family that need to learn how to drive a go kart.
  • Baby Bristol – This course is designed for the youngest NASCAR fans in mind.  A 200 foot starter track that really gets your kids blood pumping.
  • Speed Bumper Boats – Double seat bumper boats with electric motors.  This outdoor attraction is only open seasonaly based on the weather.
  • Speedome Arcade – Find all of the best racing arcade games ever made.
  • Rock Climbing Wall – 4 rock walls of indoor challenge.  See if you ca make it to the top and then see if you can make it to the top before your kids do.
  • Dragon’s Lair Fantasy Golf – 2 18-hole golf courses of min-golf fun.
  • Speedway Draft – This is a small roller coaster with your little one sin mind.
  • Starship 3000 – If you remember the gravitron from your hometown fair, then you are in for a treat at NASCAR Speedpark.
Again, thi sis only a small list of the many things that await you at the NASCAR Speedpark.  They have special going all the time that will give you and arm band for unlimited rides on their most popular tracks and rides.  This attraction can turn from a short stop into a whole day of fun.  If your kids are wanting a place where they can play for hours, this is the spot.  If mom and the girls want to spend the day shopping, NASCAR Speedpark is located right next to the Tanger Five Oaks Outlet Center – let mom drop you off.  You and the boys can spend all day riding go karts and having a great time in the beautiful outdoor location.  Of course, if you are a NASCAR fan then thi sis the one place that has to be on your bucket list when you come to the mountains. Many NASCAR legends have stopped by to visit this location and occasionally they will have signing while those stars are in town.

NASCAR Speedpark
1545 Parkway
Sevierville, TN

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