Deeplow Gap Trail

deeplowgap1Hikers will cross their share of streams and then some, as well as hike past Little Creek Falls, along the 6.1 mile Deeplow Gap Trail.

To reach this Smoky Mountain trail from the end of Deep Creek Road, hike 3.6 miles on Deep Creek and Indian Creek Trails. At the start, you’ll hike to the right past a bench along Indian Creek. You”ll pass George Branch by bridge at approximately 0.1 miles on the trail before coming to an old homestead at 0.2 miles in.

You soon ascend the trail with George Branch following along on the left and come to backcountry campsite No. 51 soon after. Hikers continuing on will crisscross a smaller branch as you hike Deeplow Gap.

deeplowgap2At mile 2.2, the trails meets the intersection with Thomas Divide at Deeplow Gap. Descending the divide’s eastern slope, you’ll cross by way of a foot log over Little Creek and come to the top of Little Creek Falls at 2.9 miles. You’ll descend to the base of the falls where it cascades over 95 feet to its majestic ending below. Another foot log crosses the bottom of Little Creek where you’re bound to get sprayed just a bit depending on the wind.

You’ll cross Little Creek again and some more foot logs before reaching a clearing that marks an old home site. Little Creek flows to the right till its intersection with Cooper Creek. Meanwhile, hikers come to the trail’s junction with the Cooper Creek Trail at mile 3.7, hikers will continue northward on the Deeplow Gap Trail. Another foot log is approached at 4.1 miles in and soon thereafter you’ll notice the remains of two chimneys – the site of a one-time farmhouse.

Another foot log must be crossed at 4.9 miles over Cooper Creek before ascending the ridge crest at 6.1 miles and the junction with Mingus Creek Trail. Happy hiking!

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