Applewood Farmhouse Restaurant

Life is Short, Eat Fritters First!

The Applewood Farmhouse Restaurant (AFR) sticks in your memory after you have been there once and it is easy for it to become a place that you frequent a lot of you live here in the area.  For me, the Applewood Farmhouse will always be tied to the memories of working at the Louise Mandrell Theater.  The Applewood Farmhouse is located across the river from what used to be the Louise Mandrell Theater (now the Smoky Mountain Opry) and when I worked there, we ate at AFR a LOT!  The fritters became a staple part of all of our diets and of course, the food was eaten almost once a week at lunch, not to mention the number of tour groups that we sent to them over the years.  Add to that the fact that they were located right across the river and we had a restaurant that almost became our hang out.

Each and every meal that is served at the AFR is served with fritters.  They come to the table piping hot, served with butter to spread on them or to dip them in.  An apple fritter is a thing of beauty and when it comes with great food that they compliment to a ‘t,’ well you just can’t beat a fritter.  There were times at the theater when someone from Applewood staff would show up with a basket of fritters for us to munch on during the day.  That almost always guaranteed that we would end up across the river at lunch.

And the food they serve is as good as the fritters.  Their menu is full of southern comfort food.  Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served each and everyday throughout the week.  From fried chicken to chicken pot pie, from pork chops to beef liver, the menu is diverse and wonderful.  Full of the flavors of home and the tastes that you might have had at your grandmother’s house, the food takes you back in time.  The food becomes not only substance but a way to remember those days gone by.

In fact, just visiting the restaurant is a step through time.  It is housed in an old farmhouse, hence the name.  When you walk to your table you trod decades old boaords in the floor that have seen thousands of feet throughout the year.  This used to a be a farmhouse that was a stop on the way to Gatlinburg.  People in those forgotten times would stop at the farmhouse to spend the night, to get a bite to eat.  Now, for people visiting the area and for countless locals, this is a place to stop in for a bite to eat.  This is a place to spend a lunch hour or dinner after work.  This is a restaurant that is a first stop or that one special night out when you come to town for vacation in the Smokies.  The Applewood Farmhouse Restaurant is calling you back to another time, stop in for a visit.

Applewood Farmhouse Restaurant
240 Apple Valley Road
Sevierville, TN

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