Mountain View CondosAre you looking for a good cross between a cabin or a vacation home and a hotel?  If so, then a condo might be the best bet for you.

Condos give you the best of both worlds.  The amenities of a vacation home with the convenience and location of a hotel or motel.  In a condo, you are going to get a little extra room, you are going to get a kitchen, you are going to have the ability to do laundry and you are going to have a living room to hang out in at night when you have come in from a long day hiking in the mountains.

Also, you will have the convenient location of a hotel or motel.  In almost all cases, with a condo, they will be more closely located to all the cation of the various cities of the Smokies then a cabin.  For instance you will see condos from the Parkway in Pigeon Forge and Sevierville, You will see condos from the main roads in Cherokee and in Highlands.  A condo keeps you close to the attractions in the towns around the Smokies without asking you to drive for a distance to get to the seclusion of a cabin.

Mountain View CondosCondos also have amenities that a lot of hotels and motels have for a less expensive price then having them at your cabin.  Do you need a pool for the kids?  Do you need a workout room for mom?  Most of the condos in the Smokies will have outdoor pools and gyms like a first class hotel.  They are communal and you will need to share them with the other guests but they are not going to cost the same as having a private pool in a cabin in the woods.

When thinking about a condo, remember a few things.  One, you are going to pay a little more then you will for a hotel or motel but you will also pay a fraction of the cost of a cabin of the same size.  Two, if your family needs to have a little room to spread while you are on vacation then you might want to look at a condo over a hotel.  With little kids having a place to do laundry and cook a meal is not a bad idea and even with older children having multiple bedrooms is never a bad thing.

Check out the condos in the Smoky Mountain area.  Do some exploring and think outside the box when you are planning your trip to the Smokies.

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