Warriors’ Path State Park

Warrior's Path State ParkWarriors’ Path State Park is named for the Great Indian Warpath that cut through the area and was a trading and travel root for the Cherokee Indians that moved through the area.  People still move through the area and they now spend part of that time inside the boundaries of Warriors’ Path State Park.  Located on the shores of the Patrick Henry Reservoir, this man made lake provides a beautiful backdrop to the amenities that this state park has to offer.

Kingsport is a northeast town in the state of Tennessee.  With the Smoky Mountains providing a backdrop, you are minutes from Kingsport and mere miles from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.  The 950 acre park has become known for one of the most unique attractions in any state park in the state:  Darrell’s Dream Boundless Playground

The location of the park on the side of Patrick Henry Reservoir means that some of the amenities are naturally tied to the water.  Fishing, swimming, boating and a public marina are only some of the things that you can get involved in while you are at Warriors’ Path State Park.  You can also enjoy biking, camping, golf, hiking trails and horseback riding.  And then there is the Boundless Playground.

Boundless PlaygroundIn 2007 Darrel’s Dream Boundless Playground was opened to the public.  Darrell Rice, the president of the Friends of Warriors’ Path State Park decided that they wanted to develop a playground that would allow kids of all abilities to play and have fun at Warriors’ Path.  This playground is fully accessible to everyone.  Children with special abilities now have a place to play in the great outdoors.  They no longer have to sit on the side lines while they watch other children having fun.  Included with the playground, is the Lions Narnia Braille Trail which is designed for those children with impaired vision and the Anderson Treehouse – a FULLY accessible treehouse style structure.

Warriors’ Path State Park is a full service state park.  Plenty to do, plenty of activities and opportunities, this state park is designed with citizens of all abilities in mind.  Go hang out on the water, have a picnic in the shade, play in the water or go take in the Boundless Playground.  Either way you experience it, Warriors’ Path State Park is a delight and a special place for a group of special children that now have a playground that keeps them in mind.

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