Tennessee State Parks

The state parks in Tennessee range from the historic site to the recreation center located on the shore of a reservoir.  Museums, historic buildings, educational opportunities, living history and much more await you in the state run parks of the state of Tennessee.

Davy Crockett Birthplace State Park – This is not only a great state park but it is a historic site as well.  One of the homes that Davy Crockett grew up in is located inside the state park.  It has been restored and gives you a glimpse into the man and the life of Davy Crockett.  This state park contains, a small museum about Crockett, pavilions that can be reserved down by the Nolichucky River, a campground and a pool.  Wonderful stop  if you are touring historic sites in Tennessee or just a nice place to spend the weekend.

Fort Loudon State Park – Fort Loudon State Park is built on the site of the original Fort Loudon that protected the wilderness from Native American attacks and from the British during the Revolutionary war.  Along with a fort that represents some of the best living history you will find, it also has lots of recreational activities.  Boating, fishing, hiking trails, picnic areas and much more await you at this great state park.

Hiwassee / Ocoee State Park – At the southern tip of the Smokies is a park with some of the best kayaking and rafting you will ever find.  One of the first rivers managed by the State Scenic River Program, this area offers all your summer water fun activities in one place.  Also, you get to visit the Ocoee Olympic site.  If you are a ‘yaker,’ this means that you can test your skills on a class 4 rapid called the Humungous.

Indian Mountain State Park – Located at the base of Indian Mountain, this state park has been developed on a piece of reclaimed mining land.  A truly multiuse park, Indian Mountain is lush and verdant throughout most of the year.  Boating, camping, hiking and much more draw thousands of visitors each year.

Panther Creek State Park – Panther Creek and Panther Springs are named for a legend.  Supposedly, Colonel Bradley of Virginia shot a panther in the area and said panther fell into the spring.  Fast forward to the 21st century and you have a state park named for Panther Creek and sitting on the banks of the Cherokee Reservoir.  Boating and camping are the activities that bring people to the area to explore this 1,435 acre state park.

Roan Mountain State Park – Roan Mountain provides some of the most beautiful views in the Southern Appalachian mountains.  Cover in rhododendrons, exploring this mountain and this state park during the spring provides amazing color and photography opportunities that you will not find anywhere else. Add to that camping and cabins and much more and you have a beautiful place to spend the day or a weekend.

Tennessee State ParksSycamore Shoals State Park – Historic sites, a museum and a theater depicting the history of the area are just a few of the reasons to visit Sycamore Shoals State Park.  Open from dawn to dusk every day, this quaint little park provides hiking trails and picnic areas along with tours of historic buildings.

Warriors’ Path State Park – Located on the trail that the Cherokee used for war and trading, Warriors’ Path State Park has lots of history and plenty of recreational activities for the people that visit it every year.  Biking and camping bring in the visitors but in 2007, the park opened a new opportunity for those individuals with special needs:  Darrell’s Dream Boundless Playground.  This playground is designed for those children with special needs that get left out of the excitement in some traditional playgrounds.  Warriors’ Path is a great destination when you are vacationing in the Smokies.

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