Capitol Theatre

Downtown Maryville, TN was once the thriving center of the community.  Over time, like almost all downtown areas in small towns, the  area that used to be jumping with activity fell out of favor as commerce in general moved toward other areas of the city.  One thing in downtown Maryville remained the same however, the beauty the quaintness and of course, the Capitol Theatre.

The Capitol Theatre was built in 1934.  It took over the location that had been the home of JC Penny before this point.  The Capitol was the largest of three possible locations to see movies in downtown Maryville.  Seating 1000 people, the Captiol was a jumping place up until the time it closed in the 1970s, as the downtown area felt the effects of commercial businesses moving.  From the 30s through the 70s, people flocked to this theater.  Showing both motion pictures and live performances, the Capitol Theatre was THE place to go for decades.  Closing in the 1970s, the building went through a lot of tenants over the years, in more recent years, the Capitol has seen a bit of renovation and is returning to its former glory.

Now, the Capitol Theatre is a special events venue.  From wedding receptions to corporate engagements, the Capitol can now be rented out to cover all of your party and event needs.  The Capitol Theatre offers lots of amenities that you will not find at other places:

  • stage
  • retractable silver screen
  • dance floor
  • catering kitchen
  • flexible seating
In addition the staff at the theater can help you plan you revent and fins an additional need syou might have while you are getting your gala or reception ready.  The Capitol Theatre has now become the place to have your event.  The Capitol Theatre is also helping to revitalize the downtown area of Maryville.  Surrounded by unique shopping experiences and restaurants, the Capitol has changed with the times but it has also kept that same feel that it had back when it was founded.
Capitol Theatre
127 West Broadway Ave
Maryville, TN

Smoky Mountain Highland Games

Local Scots converge on Maryville, TN every year to hoist and toss such things as logs, stones, and even haggis, during the annual Scottish Festival and Games at Maryville College.

Smoky Mountain Highland GamesThe event has transformed over the years from a small local event in Gatlinburg to a sprawling festival on the campus of Maryville College in Maryville, TN. All Scots are invited for the opening night Scottish whiskey tasting on campus before participating in a weekend of Scottish music, athletic events, and Pipe Band performances.

On Saturday and Sunday beginning at 8:30 a.m., the Scottish Games will feature professional and amateur athletes competing in many different events including tossing the Scottish haggis, turning the caber, Highland wrestling and the manhood stones. Kids can event participate too during the scaled down kids games where they’re challenged to toss a smaller version of the caber, as well as haggis.

The Scottish dog parade and talent show usually follows a worship service and a massed bands/parade of tartans presentation on Sunday, which is open to anyone who purchases a ticket and brings their dog on a leash. Meanwhile, dancing, athletics, children’s activities, and various talks are going on throughout the day.

Bands like Cutthroat Shamrock, Colin Grant-Adams, and Thistledown Tinkers have provided entertainment over the years as well.

Each of the pipe and drum bands compete in individual and band events for prize money during the festival. Highland dancers from across the country compete as well. Each year more and more Scottish Clans are represented at the festival to assist guests in finding their Scottish heritage. Scots can find everything they need here with vendors offering such things as Scottish clothing to a sampling of Scottish foods.

For more information or the schedule of events for this year’s Smoky Mountain Scottish Festival and Games, call 865-368-2543.

Little River Trading Company

Little River Trading CompanyIf you’re looking for outdoor gear just outside the national park, one place that should definitely be on your list is Little River Trading Company (LRTC) in Maryville, TN. The right gear is a must if you’re visiting the Great Smoky Mountains National Park for a number of reasons.

Many people come to the Smokies to camp, backpack, and hike. Before setting out on your adventure in the national park you look at your gear to make sure that you have everything you need on your excursion. Looking over your check list, you notice that you’ve left a jacket or maybe some long underwear at home… 10 hours away. You can’t drive back so what do you do?

Take a short drive down East Lamar Alexander Parkway and stop at Little River Trading Company in Maryville, TN. The outdoor store is literally right down the road from Townsend just outside of Walland, TN and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.  They have everything you need for a stay in the great outdoors. They also know everything there is to know about the gear they sell and what the types you will need during that particular season.

Little River Trading Company has gear and supplies for any outdoor adventure that you can think of.  From kayaking to camping, mountain biking to hiking and climbing, they have gear and clothing for anything you have planned. There’s even a bike shop at the store. Though you can’t mountain bike in the Smokies, Little River Trading Company can certainly get you ready and  set on the right path to finding trails to bike on.

A few of the Brands that you’ll find at Little River Trading Company:

  • Asolo
  • Birkenstock
  • Camelback
  • Chaco
  • Columbia River Knife and Tool
  • Kavu
  • Kelty
  • Life is Good
  • Marmot
  • Merrell
  • Mountain Hardwear
  • National Geographic
  • Ocean Kayak
  • Patagonia
  • Teva
  • The North Face
  • Vasque
The staff is another reason to stop by Little River Trading Company on your way to the Smokies. All the staffers have used the gear that they sale. They know the outdoors, especially the local outdoors. They hike, climb, mountain bike, camp, and repel, among other things. This isn’t some big outdoor superstore trying to get you to commit to a North Pole exploration. They’re here because they love spending time in the Great Smoky Mountains. They are experts and they can tell you what you actually need when you are backcountry camping or climbing because they have already been there and done that.

Little River Trading Company
2408 E Lamar Alexander Parkway
Maryville, TN

Maryville, TN

People are the Key

Maryville, TN sits in the shadow of the Smokies but has always had a huge connection to the mountains.  A quite little town with its own definite culture, Maryville has lots to offer those that come across its borders for the day.  Looking for shopping, an event or a stroll through a classic downtown, Maryville has

Maryville, TN

With the establishment of Fort Craig, Maryville really started to become a going concern in the Smoky Mountains.  The 50 acres next to the fort became the first plot of the town that would be Maryville and it has grown to become the county seat of Blount County.  In 1808, Sam Houston’s family made the move from Virginia to Maryville.  Houston was 15 at the time.  Though he lived for a time with the Cherokee, he came back to Maryville to open a one room school house in 1811.  Maryville was the base for the abolitionist movement during the 19th century and though it was under Confederate control throughout most of the Civil War (it was liberated in 1864) the people of Maryville were pro-Union the entire time.  In fact they elected the second African American mayor in US history in 1869.

Today, Maryville is a city with plenty to offer its citizenry.  Manufacturing powers lots of jobs in the area, moneys are spent to renovate the downtown area and of course its proximity to the National Park has made it a jumping off place for many adventures into the Smokies.


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