Carolina Smokehouse

The Carolina Smokehouse in Cashiers, NC has closed. Information is maintained here for historical purposes.

The people of the south and more importantly the people of the Smoky Mountains love their barbecue.  It is hard to find a town in the Smoky Mountains or even the whole of the Southern Appalachians that doesn’t have at least one BBQ restaurant.  In Cashiers, NC, one of the best places, one of the places that the locals flock to when they want good barbecue is to the Carolina Smokehouse.  They feature pit cooked bbq and barbecue sauce that has been featured on TV shows and that they have even made available online for those people that need their Carolina Smokehouse fix even after they have gotten back to their homes.

Whether you choose to go to the Carolina Smokehouse for lunch or dinner, you are going to find the same kind of food on the menu – great BBQ!  Chicken, beef, pork, all cooked slow, with low heat and a lot of love.  The juice gets locked in creating a moisture that is present in all great BBQ.  They specialize in chopped beef or pork, pork ribs and chicken.  If you are hungry, get their Plate Dinners, they come with fries, slaw, Texas Toast and soup with cornbread.  This is a meal fit for a king that is certain to fill you up and make your mouth water.

But what is BBQ without the sauce?  At the Carolina Smokehouse they are making homemade, traditional southern style BBQ sauce.  This sauce is so good that it has been featured on:

  • PBS – Southern Accents
  • Food Network – Feasting on Asphalt with Alton Brown
  • Southern Living

In fact they have recently started selling their sauce online do to the people clamoring to take some of their sauce home.  You can order the sauce online, smoke your own meat and pile on the sauce at the house to get that memory of the Carolina Smokehouse back on your taste buds.

The Carolina Smokehouse at the main intersection in Cashiers, NC.  It is easy to find.  In fact, if you are parked and walking from shop to shop in Cashiers, you can probably just follow your nose.  Around noon, when the crank up the smoke and get the food cooking, the aroma that comes from the restaurant is inticing, mesmorizing.  Just like in the Looney Tunes cartoons of old, you will find yourself lifted off your feet by the smell and drawn through the air to the Carolina Smokehouse.  Go inside, order some barbecue and make yourself at home.  Create some tasty memories and maybe take a jar of sauce home to be enjoyed later.

Carolina Smokehouse
281 Highway 64 West
Cashiers, NC