Ripley’s Moving Theater

Ripley’s has several attractions in Gatlinburg.  One of those, that brings the people in year after year is the Moving Theater.  This is called a 4D experience due to the fact that the seats you are sitting in move along with the action on the screen.  This gives you that completely immersive experience of being in the movie.

The concept is pretty easy to grasp.  You buy a ticket at the box office, the way that you would at any other theater.  You choose the show you want to see and then you step into the lobby to wait your chance to go into the theater.  But when you enter the theater, this is where the traditional experience at a movie changes.  You pick your seat in a line of chairs that have seat belts and hand holds on them.  You sit down and strap yourself in.  The movie starts and the cation starts as the chair you are in begins to jiggle, shake and move in correlation to what you are seeing on the screen.  Swaying left and right, the action sequences that are being played out in the short film you watch is even more impressive due to the fact that you are moving along with the action.  The 3D effects that you are experiencing with your eyes is made all the more amazing when your equilibrium is set into motion by the motion of the chair you are sitting in.

Ripley’s Moving Theater is easy to spot.  The top of the theater is adorned with a gigantic animatronic T-Rex.  Certainly they have had shows in the past that featured dinosaurs of every size and the T-Rex will make sure to be visible and loud enough that you will hear him before you see him.  The Moving Theater is located right on the Parkway and if you are walking the strip, you will pass this landmark at some point.  ALso, if you are looking for Ripley’s Haunted Adventure then you will find the Moving Theater located right next door.

Bring the kids to Gatlinburg’s only 4D experience.  Step off the Parkway and into the cool recesses of a theater.  Strap yourself into one of the seats and prepare to take an adventure.  With 3D glasses in place the fourth dimension, that of movement, awaits you around the next action sequence and chase scene.  Get your blood flowing at Ripley’s Moving Theater.

Ripley’s Moving Theater
904 Parkway
Gatlinburg, TN

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