Knoxville Ice Bears

The ice glows as you walk into the arena.  You can feel the coolness of the rink seep into your bones.  You take your seats and get ready for the action.  The Ice Bears take the ice, the adrenaline starts pumping through the crowd.  The puck starts flying and if you are lucky, you might even get to see a fight.

The Knoxville Ice Bears, a professional hockey team in the Southern Professional Hockey League, have been thrilling locals and visitors alike in Knoxville, TN since 2002.  Since the date of their establishment they have won four William B Coffey Trophies (as regular season champs) and they have won three President’s Cups (playoff champions).  The Ice Bears bring a fun and aggressive playing style to the ice that the people of Knoxville and East Tennessee have embraced.  Of course, the fact that their home ice is located so near downtown Knoxville doesn’t hurt.  With plenty of parking at the Civic Coliseum getting in to see a game is easy.

And the Knoxville fans love to go see this team.  Part of the fun of an Ice Bears game is seeing the fans get into the action.  Shouting for the home town players, encouraging the stars on the ice and having a great time.  If you start going to a lot of games you will find that the number of season pass holders almost always outweighs the people that are first time visitors.  These folks will suck you in with their passion for the team and their love of the game.

Also, if you are looking for a great night out, you could do a lot worse than a night at the rink with the Ice Bears.  This is a professional team.  This is a great team.  The action is always exciting, the team plays until the bell at every game, win or lose and of course it is not an expensive night out.  Tickets, at the door, start at $12.  This is for standard seating, which is fantastic, you can get closer tot he ice and even find seating behind the glass but it is always necessary if you want closer seating to call ahead or go to their website and check out the available seating for the day you are wanting to attend.  Spend the evening with a great professional hockey team here in the Smoky Mountains.  Get out and enjoy one of the best sporting events that Knoxville and East Tennessee has to offer.

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