Juney Whank Falls Trail

Though the Juney Whank Falls Trail is only 0.3 mile, it packs quite a punch at the end. It’s sole purpose is to take hikers to one of the most picturesque falls in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park – Juney Whank Falls.

To reach this trail, you’ll drive over to the North Carolina side of the park to Bryson City. From there, you’ll follow the signs through downtown to the Deep Creek Campground in the national park. Once you reach Deep Creek itself, don’t cross it, just park at the area at the end of the road. You’ll find the trailhead at one end of the parking area.

Juney Whank actually takes its name from the Cherokee Indian tribe and means “place where the bear passes”. Although you’re as likely to see a bear here as you would be anywhere else in the national park. Others say it gets its name from Junaluska “Juney” Whank, who according to historians was said to have been buried near the falls.

As you make you’re way along the trail, signs point the way to the falls and as you get closer the roar of the water gets clearer and clearer. You’ll soon find a narrow path that travels away from the trail to the base of the falls.

Probably the best spot to view the Juney Whank Falls is on the foot bridge located across Juney Whank Branch. From there, you can either turn around or head on down the trail to the next junction. Though you probably want to stay around the falls for a bit.

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