Highlands, NC

“Four Seasons of Fun”

Highlands is the resort town in the southern part of Western North Carolina.  Full of unique shopping, boutique shops, art galleries, great food and lots of culture, Highlands has more than enough to offer the weekend or the weeklong tourist to the Smokies.  You will fall in love with the laid back nature of the town and the reception you will receive from the locals.

Highlands, NC

Highlands became a town due to the vision of two men:  Samuel Kelsey and Clinton Hutchinson.  They drew lines from Chicago to Savannah and from New York to New Orleans and the lines intersected around the Highlands area.  In the 1930s this tourist area got a shoot in the arm due to the establishment of Highlands Country Club by Bobby Jones of Atlanta and some of his cronies.  Over the years, Highlands has developed its resort culture and accepted tourism as its main source of income.


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