Hatcher Mountain Trail

So you’ve decided to make it a day trip to the Smoky Mountains and you’re looking for an easy day hike that will let you take in some of the national park’s beautiful hardwood forests but won’t leave you gasping for air at the end. Well, if you’re asking us, we’d tell you to seek out the Hatcher Mountain Trail.

The Hatcher Mountain Trail is a 2.8 mile hike from the Cooper Road Trail to the junction of the Hannah Mountain and Abrams Falls trails. To get there, park at the rangers station at the Abrams Creek Campground in the Smokies. From there it’s a 4.9 mile hike to the trailhead along the Cooper Road Trail.

Starting out on the trail, you’ll slowly ascend the southern slope of Hatcher Mountain through a picturesque hardwood forest. Oaks and pines can be found along the path as you pass over the ridge and descend to Oak Flats Branch. However, flat is a relative term for this area of the Hatcher Mountain Trail.

Soon enough though you’ll find yourself making your way along a wooded hike again. Beautiful, yet small wildflowers can be found in abundance in this area as you hike to the junction of Little Bottoms and the Abrams Falls trails. Enjoy the rest of your day in the Smokies!

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