Great Smokies Flea Market

One of the great shopping destinations in the Smokies!

Who doesn’t love a flea market?  In Sevierville, and in fact in the Smoky Mountains, one of the best and in fact one of the biggest is Great Smokies Flea Market! Located right off of exit 407 in Sevierville, this is a shopper’s paradise with tens of thousands of products and hundreds of vendors this is one of those spots.  Everything from housewares to clothing and everything in between can be found beneath the roof of this retail paradise.

When you walk in the front door of the indoor part of the Great Smokies Flea Market, you are stepping into one of the best organized and best maintained flea markets in the southeast.  The owners of the flea market keep out the riff-raff and and the vendors keep the consumers in the merchandise that they want.  The booths in the inside section are well lit, handicap accessible and clean.  This is not a dank, outdoor flea market, this is an indoor, heated and cooled mall.  Once you are inside, pick a row and start browsing.  A lot of the vendors on the inside are there weekend after weekend, month after month and they have been there for years.  There is literally everything under the sun, under this roof: collectibles, movies, books, housewares, furniture, everything you can imagine and all at low cost prices.

great smokies flea market 2Then you might want to venture outside.  During season, you are looking at a place for lots of outdoor vendors and a farmers market.  Aisles of produce, straight from the farm, landscaping, lawn furniture and outdoor tools.  Along with all of these wonderful vendors, this is also the place where you will see vendors that might only be at the flea market for one weekend or for a series of weekends during the season.  These outdoor areas are roofed and have clean wide walkways between them.  The outdoor booths are a revolving door through which the Great Smokies Flea Market brings lots of new merchandise and even locals that are looking for a place to have a makeshift yard sale in a bigger venue.

Of course, as in real estate, the best part about Great Smokies Flea Market is location.  When you come off of I-40 on exit 407 into Sevier County, you will take the first right hand turn.  This puts you on Dumplin Valley Dr in Sevierville.  Follow this road until you see the Great Smokies Flea Market, it will be on the right hand side of the road, don’t worry you will not miss it!  Add the Great Smokies Flea Market to your places to stop while you are in the Smokies, don’t miss the shopping experience.

great smokies flea market 1Great Smokies Flea Market
220 W Dumplin Valley Road
Kodak, TN 37764

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