Dillard Antique Shops

One of the main draws to Dillard, Ga is the sheer number of antique shops that line the main street of this small Smoky Mountain town.  Shops and galleries of ever shape and size line both sides of the road, allowing you to park your car and walk from store to store while you browse through the artifacts of a time that has passed into antiquity.

Dillard, GA is a lazy little mountain town.  Home to several great inns and lots of good food, the big draw in the last 15 years has been the antique shops.  Most of these shops are mall style shops were vendors rent out spaces and the owner of the building take sin the money and keeps an eye on their wares.  The vendors can bring in whatever they want to sell and then the owner of the mall can have an ever changing inventory.  These malls have an enormous selection of items, they are full of Americana and that really might be the biggest draw of the antique mall.

The ability to explore an antique mall, to roam through the halls and rows, browsing through stacks of paintings, clothing, furniture and the such gives you an opportunity to step back into your childhood.  For most people they are getting to see things that they might not have seen since their childhoods.  If you have brought your kids with you may find yourself answer tons of questions as they ask you what things are and why things are designed the way that they are.  You will lose yourself reminiscing about the past, about the bed that you found that looks just like your aunt’s bed from when you were a kid, the china that your great grandmother used or maybe you found a suit that looks like the one your dad used to wear when he was younger.

Let the nostalgia of a trip back through time suck you into a full day of shopping through the antique malls of Dillard, GA.  Teach your kids some history, tell stories that you might not have talked about in years and maybe you will find that piece of the past that you need to complete the collection you have been working on since you were young.  The antique malls of Dillard are a destination and a shopping experience that you need to invest your time in the next trip you take to the Smoky Mountains.

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