Asheville Art Museum

In the heart of the metropolis that is Asheville, NC there is a bight spot of culture in the downtown area:  The Asheville Art Museum.  Right off Pack Square, the Asheville Art Museum is packed with art of every shape form and fashion.  With a hugely popular permanent collection and traveling shows that change the experience of the museum throughout the year,  and of course special events to fit every taste this is one of the best art museums in the Smoky Mountains.

Asheville Art MuseumThe permanent collection of the Asheville Art Museum focuses on art and artists from the 20th century forward.  The art contained in their permanent collection ranges in media and subject matter.  Both regional and national artists are represented in the collection as well as a diverse collection of art types and medium.  In this collection there are more then 3500 works of art and almost 5000 architectural drawings (though all of this are not on display all the time).

There is also a Black Mountain Collection at the Asheville Art Museum.  This collection of pieces is designed to celebrate the 24 counties of Western North Carolina, those that are located in and in the shadow of the Smoky Mountains.  And, as you can see by the name, this collection also focuses on artists that have a connection with Black Mountain College.  This project is an ever-growing repository of works and they are also in the process of digitizing the collection so that it will be available to people both at the museum and online.  Right now, this collection houses more than 520 works of art.

The traveling shows that come through the Asheville area always have a home in the exhibits at the Asheville Art Museum.  Some of these exhibits stay for years but some are there for a very short amount of time.  Ranging from collections that focus on niche markets to collections of world renown artists, the special exhibits in the art museum in Asheville bring people to the area for the purpose of viewing and appreciating art, the fact that you can buy a Membership that will get you and your family into the museum throughout the year just goes to show that people come back as the exhibits in the halls change.

If you are visiting the Asheville, make sure that you take in Pack Square.  And while you are in Pack Square walk towards the back of the square.  Head inside the cool pristine gallery that houses one of the best art collections in the southeast.  You may find that you have found one of the spots that you will revisit year after year as your knowledge and appreciation of these art forms grows.

Asheville Art Museum
2 South Pack Square
Asheville, NC

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