Anthony Creek Trail

If you’re looking for a good, hearty hike in the Cades Cove area, check out the Anthony Creek Trail next time you’re in the area.

Anthony Creek Trail starts at the beginning of the Cades Cove in the picnic area and goes a little over three and a half miles up Bote Mountain, gaining some 3000 or so feet. It’s a pretty difficult hike, so hikers should try to pack as much water as they think they’ll need taking weather, et al into consideration.

Aside from the hike’s challenges, Smoky Mountain visitors using the Anthony Creek trail enjoy some of the most picturesque scenery in the national park. You also get wonderful views from Spence Field and Rocky Top, both important locations in the history of Cades Cove. To get to Spence Field and Rocky Top, travel the Anthony Creek Trail to the Bote Mountain Trail and the Appalachian Trail.

Anthony Creek Trail also features the headwaters of Anthony Creek. The popular Cades Cove trail also goes by the horse camp, a delight to horsemen and travels past numerous backcountry camp sites. Due in part to the location of the trailhead, the Anthony Creek Trail is one of the most traveled in Cades Cove.

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