Dillsboro, NC

“A charming 19th century railroad village”

Dillsboro is as close to stepping back in time as you will find in the Smokies.  This quaint little town is full of arts, crafts and 19th century architecture.  Hosting many events throughout the year and being a pass through point of the Great Smoky Mountain Railroad, Dillsboro is a great day trip while you are in the Smoky Mountain area.

Dillsboro, NC

Named for the founder of the town, William Dills, Dillsboro was founded due to the railroad.  When the Murphy Branch Railroad came to the area, a depot was founded at Dillsboro.  Soon after that, as the railroad started to transition from industries such as logging to being a vehicle to bring tourist and visitors into the mountains, the town began to grow with the founding of the Jarret House.  Throughout most of the 19th century, Dillsboro remained about the same, the downtown area around the old train depot has evolved into a series of craft shops and galleries.  If you are looking for a quiet spot to fill in a day on your vacation, go roam the streets and downtown area of Dillsboro.


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