Cashier’s Farmers Market

Cashier's Farmers MarketWestern North Carolina is home to a number of small resort towns – each unique in their own way. One of those Smoky Mountain towns is Cashiers, known for its natural beauty as well as its ever-growing and regionally popular farmers market.

The Cashiers Farmers Market is easily located in the center of town and provides shoppers the chance to purchase fresh produce, fresh meat, jellies and jams, and even made-to-order food from the area. There’s something new each day as the selections are constantly changing with the seasons.  All the plants that are in bloom are brought out for sale in the spring. The market’s produce selection seems to change week to week in the summer and early fall as the harvest comes in.  Meanwhile, during the winter you will find Christmas trees lining the outside of the market and putting everyone in a festive mood.

Local farmers from all around the region bring their produce to the Cashiers Farmers Market.  Vegetables, fruits and other locally grown items overflow from the tables.  When you buy produce straight from the farmer, it just seems to taste that much better.  The meat too, it comes straight from local farmers.  From cured hams to fresh eggs, they have the farm fresh products you are looking for at the Cashiers farmers market.  You’re guaranteed to have the freshest offerings from local growers.  Each fall bushels of North Carolina apples are available as well as pumpkins for Halloween and various autumn decorations.

Cashier's Farmers MarketJams and jellies align the walls of the market, as well as other sauces and marinades.  You’ll see apple butter made with local apples to marinades from some of the finest area cooks and caterers. Don’t won’t, there’s always someone giving out free samples. With as many jams and jellies as they sell, it’s really THE place on the eastern side of the Smokies to dress up a biscuit.  Whether you prefer a creamy consistency, or you’re more of a jelly lover, they have the jar for you.

Oh, and don’t forget the barbecue. Cashier’s bar-b-que or simply BBQ, might be the closest you get to heaven on earth.  The smell of their sandwiches attacks your nostrils before you step out of your car.  Just to the right of the store stands the BBQ pit – a new addition to the original market structure. Let your nose be your guide and follow it to the counter and order some of the market’s delicious BBQ. Rather than the usual lowlands BBQ with the North Carolina vinegar-style sauce, the farmers market’s BBQ is a sweet, southern barbecue.

Whether planning your next meal or walking around town browsing, the Cashiers Farmers Market is certainly one of those places that deserve a special marking on the map as a “must stop”. Sample the home made jams and jellies, get some BBQ for the road, buy a few local crafts to take home with you or just sit around and talk to some of the local farmers.  It’s a local business stop, but it’s very much a tourist attraction as well.

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